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At 81, Can Martha Stewart Learn to Belly Dance Next??

"When you're through changing, you're through...Learn something new everyday."—Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart—a Sports Illustrated Cover Model??

When I heard that Martha Stewart was going to be the cover model of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, I was astounded. I thought...

  • Isn't Martha TOO OLD to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

  • What will Martha be WEARING on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

  • WHY does Sports Illustrated want Martha on the cover anyway?

Does "Old" Mean Not Beautiful?

Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition is considered by some to define “family friendly” sexy…the magazine is not so risque that you can't have it on the coffee table. Whether you agree with that or 2023, Martha Stewart is on the cover at 81 years old, and she is BARING SKIN.

I rejoice! I mean, there is absolutely no question that “baby skin”—and I consider 20-somethings, as well as babies, to have it 😉—is gorgeous. But that is only one aspect of beauty. As we get old, I think our beauty migrates inward as the outward part of us sags and wrinkles and stiffens.

What's the Perfect Age to Begin Belly Dancing?

And here is the beauty of beginning belly dance even if we’re “of an advanced” age. In fact, 81–year-old Martha Stewart is perfectly aged to begin belly dancing. (Pun intended!)

WHY? Because belly dance is not about being young and sexy. Belly dance is about bringing out the emotion of the music...




Jensuya in hip scarf demonstrating hip move to three students in studio at belly dance class
It's about what you can learn, not about your age.

Don't be Afraid—That's Martha's Advice

In Martha’s words, "Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid of anything." And that is what it is to embrace the journey of learning to hear and show the music on our bodies with the moves of belly dance. When we learn to do a belly dance move, say, a hip drop exactly in time with the beat of the music so it looks like our hip is playing that beat, it is thrilling! But what we’ve gained is far more than just a belly dance movewe’ve gained confidence in what our bodies can learn to do. And that is beautiful… and sexy (if not young 😉).

Watch this video to hear about the experiences of some belly dance students.

How to Start Belly Dancing Despite Your Age

If you are young, be inspired! Life is not "over" when you get to geezerhood, even though it may seem like "old people" are a different species. As we age, our bodies don't seem to move with the same flexibility and stamina as when we're young, so take advantage of that, and start learning to belly dance now.

If you are old, be inspired! Take the first step to learn to belly dance, even if that means sitting in a chair and learning to undulate your hands (see this YouTube Short). Remember what Martha says, "Learn something new everyday."

Watch this video on the pros and cons of learning to belly dance at an advanced age.

Jensuya in belly dance pose with Bob and Doumbek and text of free belly dance course

If you think Martha Stewart should learn to belly dance, or if you think YOU should learn to belly dance, enroll in our free mini-course in learning to belly dance.

Oh and by the way, Martha also said that 10 wardrobe changes was absolutely inhuman...well, that something that I don't agree with—by all means, bring on the costumes!


Yallah Habibi! 💕

  • Share with us in the Comments what you think of Martha Stewart modeling at 81 what age YOU started (or will start) belly dancing. 😊

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  • Let us know what resonated with you, or what you have questions or thoughts about by posting your comment.


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