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What is belly dancing?
Belly dancing is the art of dancing with moves that represent both the sounds and the feel of the music in a particular aesthetic.  Learn more on our Blog post.

Where is belly dance from?
Modern belly dancing is generally considered to have its roots in Egypt.  Belly dancing was introduced to North America at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago with performances by dancers from North Africa.  Further, there is historical evidence of belly-dance-type moves in many ancient cultures including Indian, Greek, and Egyptian. 

What are belly dance clackers?
Belly dance "clackers," called "sagat" in Arabic and "zils" in Turkish, are finger cymbals worn on the thumbs and middle fingers of the dancer.  The belly dancer simultaneously dances and plays rhythms on the finger cymbals accompanying the music and emphasizing her/his dance moves.

Can I learn to belly dance
at any age?

Yes.  Belly dancing is a movement language, and just like babies can "talk" with just one word, we can learn to belly dance with just one move at a time at a rate that our bodies allow.

Can I learn to belly dance at home?
Yes.  Especially with the advent of YouTube and online courses, today more than ever, it's easy and fun to learn belly dancing at home.  Learn more on our Blog post.

Can men learn to belly dance?
Of course!  Belly dancing is about expressing the music.  Gender is irrelevant.

Is belly dance an Islamic dance?
No.  Because modern belly dancing is so often associated with the Middle East, which is largely perceived as an Islamic region, many people believe that belly dancing must be a religious dance.  Belly dancing is secular.

Is belly dance an exotic dance?
No.  So-called exotic dancing is meant to stimulate the observer sexually.  Belly dancing is meant to interpret the rhythms and melodies of each instrument in the music using isolated moves simultaneously in the body.

What's a hafla?
Hafla is the Arabic word for party or get-together.  In belly dance culture, hafla has come to mean a recital or party for belly dancers to perform for each other or a small audience.

What is Raqs Sharqi?
Raqs Sharqi literally translates from Arabic as Eastern Dance.  Raqs Sharqi is generally associated with the stage as it is a refined and precise form of belly dance with the purpose of interpreting music through movement for an audience.

What is Debke?
Debke is a Levantine (countries near the eastern Mediterranean region) folk dance generally danced by family and friends in a line or a circle at celebrations, parties, and other gatherings.

What is Raqs Beledi?
Raqs Beledi literally translates from Arabic as Country Dance.  Raqs Beledi is what is generally considered social belly dancing practiced by family and friends at parties and gatherings or just for fun at home.


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