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Learn to belly dance in 8 sessions

for the absolute beginner

This is our online course for absolute beginners that leads you step-by-step in the basic technique, rhythm, and choreography of belly dance—called raqs sharqi in Arabic, oryantal in Turkish. 


It's ideal for teens, adults, and seniors of any gender who have little to no dance or music background, a moderate fitness level, and an eagerness learn!


  • Lifetime access (or rental)

  • 20 professional instructional videos

  • Course Guide

  • Sample Plans & Schedules pdf's

  • Personal coaching

”...what I loved most about the first course was [Jensuya's] clear and consise way of giving us the information. Her teaching style and positive attitude make you want to learn more. I will definitely be taking more classes...”  —Gregg R.

Build a solid belly dance foundation in beginning technique & timing skills 

These are our 1-hour online belly dance classes focusing on range of motion exercises and specific drills to help build flexibility, strength, balance, stamina, and musicality for beginning belly dance moves.

  • Lifetime access (or rental)

  • Professional class videos

  • Level 1, 2 & 3 classes

  • Hips & Pelvis

  • Upper Torso

  • Shoulders, Arms & Hands

  • Personal coaching

  • A la carte or value pack

”...what an amazing teacher you are, truly! I am learning more from your classes than I did for many classes I took in the past. So grateful to you. 🤗" —R.B.

Your life-long companion

to belly dance rhythm mastery

This is our online course for beginners and intermediates that leads you step-by-step in the challenging process of mastering rhythm Beledi as you belly dance, play finger cymbals, drums, or melody instruments.

  • Lifetime access (or rental)

  • 7 professional exercise videos

  • Course Guide e-book

  • Begin by Listening pdf

  • Algorithms pdf

  • Personal coaching

  • Extra Credit Bonus video

"My body isn't in the best of shape and I have zero dancing experience of any kind. But I feel like Jensuya explained things in such a way that she made me feel like I could do it even without any experience. And I did!" —B.P.

Student Testimonial


Pam Benton, Pennsylvania

See what it's like to be our class

Belly Dancer Pam Benton shares her thoughts and experiences with us in a multi-level belly dance workshop.


Our goal is for you to experience a transformation—whether you are a beginner learning belly dance for fun or studying it rigorously to become an accomplished belly dancer.  We want you to feel the emotion of the music and portray that in your own authentic way as you learn the skills, technique and culture of belly dance.

“After seeing you teach touch-step on YouTube I couldn't resist the opportunity to start from scratch with your online course. I loved how you really broke down the moves and focused equally on the rhythm.”  —Linda L.

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Welcome to Jensuya Belly Dance!

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