Online Belly Dance Courses

— Coming Fall 2020 —

Free Courses


Sample belly dance with a Free Course that will get you dancing in minutes.

Introductory Courses


Learn basic skills of belly dance with an Introductory Course that will have you dancing for friends in just a few lessons.

Core Curriculum Courses


Master the art of belly dance with a core curriculum course that delves deeply into technique and concepts and readies you for stage performance. 

Virtual Experiences


Discover the culture of belly dance with a Virtual Experience of the food, music, lore, art, and lifestyle. 

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"Belly dance is the physical expression of the music.  And through this dance, we can find empowerment.  We can find our identity.  And we can find joy."  —Jensuya

”It opened my eyes to how I can take a dance and do it to any kind of music.  And it was because of doing it with just the drummer and following him.  The drummer challenges us.  You feel that energy.”  —Pam B.

Your Belly Dance Class—Your Way—

Our online belly dance courses give you the benefit of learning how to belly dance step by step at home at your own pace exactly when it is convenient for you.  Each video lesson is like being in a virtual belly dance class together—Bob is drumming for our lessons as I show you each technique, tell you bit by bit how to do it, then prompt you gradually as you develop the skill to do the move.


Our goal is for you to experience a transformation—whether you are a beginner learning belly dance for fun or studying it rigorously to become an accomplished belly dancer.  We want you to feel the emotion of the music and portray that in your own authentic way as you learn the skills, technique and culture of belly dance.

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“I'm not certain I will ever be a public belly dancer, but I am certain that I have a lot of fun learning this amazing art. Jensuya is so passionate about her work - and so you can only do your best. I feel so welcome - even though I am a beginner.”  —Terri B.

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